CNC Manufacturing

Straight Line Engineering Ltd have and extensive collection of CNC milling machinery that we use to cut a wide range of materials.  We have a purpose built Fanuc Robocut that is used to machine graphite, and a Dah Lih with a ‘high torque spindle’ that we use to machine tough ‘thermal shock proof’ alloys such as Nimonic 80 and Stellite 6.

kiheung U2000

For Large tooling, such as HCF & SPF dies made from Cronite, we have a Kiheung U2000 CNC bed mill, with a universal milling head and a 3m long table capable of accepting an 8 Tonne workpiece. For Smaller, high accuracy tooling, we have a Mikron HSM 700 that has been completely designed to use high speed strategies with a spindle speed in excess of 40000 rpm and a table acceleration of 1g.

HSM machined insert

For a complete listing of CNC milling plant items please click here. You will need a copy of Adobe’s reader or an equivalent to read and print this file.

Prior to the acquisition of machinery of any kind, we always make sure that we research thoroughly and test extensively to ensure that it performs exactly as required. All CNC equipment has been purchased with a toolroom emphasis and with the ability to cut hardened and tough alloys.

Mikron High Speed milling machine

As mentioned in CADCAM, some tooling requires slight modifications in order to create a perfect ‘nominal’ product; this modification process is called faulting.  SLE captures any slight modifications and builds these changes into the CNC machining data. This improvement cycle ensures repeatability through the removal of extensive handwork.

Turning Section


Straight Line Engineering also produce high quality upset, head and extrusion tooling by CNC tuning. These Lathes use the populate ‘Fanuc’ programming systems for quick and accurate machine program’s. A variety of materials can be cut on these machines; Stellite for HCF pillars and bushes, and ‘Hardened’ M2 and H13 for forge tooling.