Since 1993, Straight Line has used off-line programming to provide the NC data for its CNC machinery. Even for relatively simple tool-paths, this type of programming allows a greater control of issue status.

Depending on the nature of the model (i.e. solids, surfaces or a mixture of both) and the work requirements, the CADCAM engineers at Straight Line have a variety of  software packages to hand.

MastercamMastercam X2 is our primary CAM package, and has been so since the early days of off-line programming.  The package is a very competent surface modeler and capable of producing accurate NC code for a variety of machine tools.
Mastercam is also extremely adept in producing the high speed strategies which are used to machine the impression areas of tooling.

UG NX7.5Siemens / Unigraphics has become our 1st choice for use in the design of complex assemblies and tooling. This system can produce very flexible models and we can exercise a great deal of control of the finished surface.

PowerSHAPE:  The reasoning surrounding the purchase of this software relates to the high complexity of turbine blade forging die faces and the need to create accurate blends from uniform features to non-uniform features. Some of our customers have used this software to great effect and we have purchased it to do the same.

To date, using a cross section of CADCAM platforms has meant that we have never been given a customer model that we could not read into our systems.